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chocolate subscription


You've had your beauty hit and you always love your chocolate extra treat. So, say hello to GLOSSYCHOX...

The ultimate chocolate subscription! The incredibly exciting new subscription service from GLOSSYBOX!

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The Best Chocolates Delivered To Your Door!

If you already love a monthly beauty surprise landing on your doorstep each month, you'll adore GLOSSYCHOX!
The ultimate chocolate subscription service from GLOSSYBOX!

Milk, dark, white, pralines or truffles, whichever are your favourites this tasty monthly treat is sure to delight!

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Introducing GLOSSYCHOX - the ultimate chocolate subscription service from GLOSSYBOX. Each month, subscribers will receive a gorgeous GLOSSYCHOX box straight to their door, filled with a stunning selection of tasty Belgian chocolates.

Who Can Sign Up To A GLOSSYCHOX Subscription?

Because we know pretty much everyone loves chocolate (we know Glossies can’t get enough of chocolate extra treats when they’re inside our edits!), anyone can sign up to GLOSSYCHOX - you don’t need to be a GLOSSYBOX subscriber already!

How Much Does A GLOSSYCHOX Subscription Cost?

Want monthly chocolate deliveries on top of your beauty subscription? You can sign up to GLOSSYCHOX when it launches for only £6.75 per month!

When Does GLOSSYCHOX Launch?

GLOSSYCHOX launches on Friday 22nd April. And your first delivery, once you've signed up, will be in May! For more on this new launch, have a read of our GLOSSYCHOX blog, or sign up to our waitlist to have updates sent directly to your inbox!